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Wall bracket, wood

Restitution status: Heirs being sought

Object Data

Title Wall bracket, wood
Artist/Author Unknow
Museum/Collection Museum of Ethnology
Inventory number/Shelfmark 127.439
Description With geometric pattern in marquetry. Sides with ajour carving. Lacking information regarding provenance.
Material Wood
Height 49,00 cm
Width 24,00 cm
Motif Ornaments

Provenance Data

Former owner according to museum/collection Popper, Georg
Provenance Loan to museum/collection
Provenance according to museum/collection On loan from the 'NSV-Hernals (i.e. the 'Volkswohlfahrt', a Nazi welfare organisation in the Viennese district Hernals)', July 1939
Committee in charge Art Restitution Advisory Board
Examination The Art Restitution Advisory Board has decided on the restitution of the art.
Recommendation The Art Restitution Advisory Board has recommended that the art or cultural object is to be restored to the owners or their legal successors.
Committee in charge Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery
Decision No decision has been reached so far.
Implementation The art or cultural object is kept in the museum/in the collection.
Annotations In its meeting of June 24, 2009 the Advisory Board unanimously reached the following decision: The Advisory Board recommends to the Federal Minister for Education, the Arts and Culture that the mentioned 92 ethnographic objects and 42 books be handed over to the legal successors of Ing. Dr. Georg Popper. The aforementioned objects are listed in the enclosed file and designated with ‘NSV Hernals (probably Ing. Georg Popper)’