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Line to 'Nußdorf'

Restitution status: Heirs being sought

Object Data

Title Line to 'Nußdorf'
Artist/Author Graner, Ernst (1865-1943)
Museum/Collection Vienna Museum
Inventory number/Shelfmark 70.334

Watercolour on cardboard. Signed and dated at the bottom left: 'E. Graner 1911'

Height 25,00 cm
Width 32,00 cm
Motif Veduta
Period 20th Century

Provenance Data

Provenance Acquisition from the VUGESTA/GESTAPO
Committee in charge Viennese Commission for Restitution
Examination Art restitution proceedings are pending.
Recommendation The Art Restitution Advisory Board has established owners or their legal successors and has recommended to restore to them the art or cultural object.
Committee in charge City of Vienna, executive city councillor in charge (municipal authorities)
Decision The body in charge has decided to restore the art or cultural object to the owners or their legal successors.
Implementation The art or cultural object is kept in the museum/in the collection.

Sixth Report on Restitution, Vienna 15 November 2005 (p. 236): 'At the meeting of 19 October 2004, the Viennese Commission on Restitution has unanimously come to the conclusion that the acquisitions of the municipal collections from the Vugesta can in general be regarded as objects of art which can be restituted.'